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Creative Writing Skills

As a senior, will you evaluate my "creative?" writing skills?

This is for my dearly defarted beautiful sister who would laugh and punch me. I would punch her back. Nothing to do with sex intended.ANXIETY TEST a NURSING instructor made a statement that anxiety was soooooooo contagious.After much thought this is what I would say. So is the flu. Prove from whom they caught it. Panic is contagious, as in someone yelling " fire" I have a lactose intolerance Good grief. What do you want from us. TEST" It has come to my attention that certain individuals may pass flatus when they are nervous. This may, or may not be, a very reliable diagnostic tool. Certain criteria must be met b4 this can be considered a reliable diagnostic tool. In the event the criteria is met, the flatus is no longer to be called a fart, but a PHART..This will distinguish one from the other.To date, no specific criteria have been established. When enough objective data have been collected, specific measurements will be established using data from the test population.Criteria to be considered are as follows Color, frequency, intensity, duration. Velocity, windspeed, wind chill. barometric pressure, volume, pitch, tempo, cadence, half life, productivity, residue, scent, area covered, relieving factors. Contributing factors.affect, effect. Last BM. Diet. Food intolerances.


Relieving factors. Comfort level.If it is simply a matter of needeng to use the bathroom, they become little Schitts, or big Schitts, as the case may be, for wasting your time. If it is a young person they are simply pharts, if they are older they are old pharts. .Methods of studying this phenomena have not been established however, it is strongly suggested you recruit from volunteers only, or you might stir up a really big stink.Be sure to take a brown bag for lunch. You might want to go to " Farters Anonymous" for support. tobe around sympathetic people. They have a lot ofUFO's . Unidentified Farting Ones Confidentiality and discretion is of the utmost importance. You must take precautions because of allegations that nervous pharts are contagious, but only the nervous ones. Be sure to distinguish that is the objective of this find answers study.

If you are suggestible, you might consider not working on this project or going around any one at all who passes flatus Another project entirely, to distinguish the suggestible from the creative original ones. One is so much more valuable than the other.Anxious passer people must be placed in separatehospitals, housing only " The Anxious" and cared for only by " The Anxious" to avoid spread of thisterrible condition. They must live in gated or gaited, as the case may be communities covered with a dome to avoid the " brown house" affect. The End.Was this idea of of contagiousness the theory ofan anally fixated psychiatrist , assfixiated, nicknamed" the elusive dreamer." Or, was it the pusscologist?

Or was it a gaited nursing instructor? .I guess this means I cannot go to church for a longer period of time.Defarted as in departed. Macabre I know. Only way we could survive.she would not hit me, not the one I knew, not for that. She is gone from the same thing that is going to kill me.

Is writing skills important in everyday life? If yes, then why?

What's the best way for a non native English speaker to improve their reading and writing skills? My boyfriend speaks Spanish as his first language and English as a second. He has a very wide vocabulary range in English and speaks it very well, but he struggles in the reading and writing department quite a bit. I would like to help him to improve his skills, but I am a terrible teacher and don't even know where to start. Any suggestions on different methods that might work?

I'm an English learner. I need someone to help me with my writing skills?

I should improve my writing skills in English .How can I find a " volunteer" who will help me with this problem. Free and online at studydaddy I have 20 days before exam. Help " He she gives me homework topics daily. I write about these topics. He she reads and corrects my writings."

How can I improve my french writing skills? So, here's the deal, I'm going to France in a month or so Squeal. anyway. I am staying with a host family for 5 days, and I got my first email from her today. I tried my best to write a somewhat decent reply back, but I think I didn't do well, does anybody have any tips for writing better? I can understand speak fine for hte most part. Thanks

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