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Skills that we all need in the next 10 years. And they don't teach it in college.

To achieve success and career heights, you need to graduate from high school and find a good job. Or maybe not. What is really worth learning now in order to become a sought-after employee in the future.

When I graduated from the university, I was sure that I would easily find a job and be a sought-after specialist. Behind my shoulders was a prestigious faculty of foreign languages, victories in competitions, diplomas and certificates, top 100 best graduates of the year. Over the next few years, I changed 7 jobs, of which only one was in my specialty.

Some of my acquaintances believe that they wasted their time at the university in vain, studying what was not useful to them ever again. Many are sure that in order to obtain specific applied skills, it is enough to complete courses and go to work in their specialty. I can’t say this, because I look more broadly - 5 years of study gave me more than just a diploma and a specialty. I learned to set goals, plan and achieve them, I got the skills of communication, networking and public speaking with the help of which helped to develop a good speech through writing a speech on a sheet of paper, developed stress tolerance and purposefulness. Many books have been written about these qualities, but you can form them in yourself only in real conditions, in search of opportunities and overcoming life (not book) difficulties. The university is the perfect place for this.

However, it is important to understand that the modern world is a world of uncertainty. To designate it, a special term was coined - VUCA-world.It is an acronym for the English words Volatility (instability), Uncertainty (uncertainty), Complexity (complexity) and Ambiguity (ambiguity). The bottom line is that today it is not enough to be a good specialist in a narrow field, because in a year this field may not exist. It is important to develop your skills further in order to be successful in a particular area. Therefore, it is very important to use in order to develop the skills to be successful in one area or another. In this way, this uncertainty can be overcome.

What we have: you need to study, but specific specialties and narrow skills quickly become obsolete. How to be?

The answer is to go learn what you are interested in, at the same time use the opportunities of this period to “pump” universal skills. At the same time, it is important to use the essay proofreading service for effective pumping of universal skills. What skills are needed today and will be in demand in the next ten years? A group of scientists from the University of Phoenix (USA) tried to answer these questions.

At the beginning of their study, scientists identified factors that will determine the near future. These are “drivers of development” on which all spheres of life will depend. The factors were assessed in terms of their impact on the “career landscape” – on what labor areas will develop, what professions and skills will be in demand.

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